Military and Strategic Cargo

POLBROK is a certified forwarder authorized to arrange the forwarding services for military, strategic and special consignments in collaboration with Polish Ministries. Strategic goods include:

  • Armament, i.e. weapons, ammunition, explosives, arms and their parts, and technologies
  • Dual-use items that may have both a civilian and a military use

POLBROK may work on strategic shipments to the order of:

  • Manufacturer (domestic or foreign)
  • Trading company (polish or from abroad)
  • Foreign forwardero

To the foreign customers POLBROK offers a forwarding service with "Individual Transit Permission", when the goods' origin and destination is abroad. POLBROK will arrange all formalities with the ministry on behalf of customers.

To the domestic customers POLBROK offers a forwarding service depending on "Individual Export (Import) Permission", which is granted by the respective ministers to the exporter (importer) of the goods originating from (destined to) Poland.

Since 2001, pursuing best international practices, Poland implemented WSK (Internal Control System) certification to participate in the international system of armament and dual-use items turnover control. Poland is a member of all non-proliferation organizations and control regimes safeguarding turnover and oversee cross-border transit.

The above information is general, and provides only the basic knowledge about strategic goods procedure. Practically the elements of this procedure differ case by case, each and every case is considered separately and is subject to individual decision of the ministers.